Sunday, August 31, 2014

Win Three Packs Of 2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Cards While Helping Find A Cure For Cancer

Up For grabs are three packs of 2014 bowman platinum baseball cards pictured above. To see if you can qualify to win these just scroll down to the contest rules listed just above the embedded tweet announcing this contest. If you meet the qualifications and want a chance at winning them just download the world community grid program here. Then join team endthedisease. You can learn more about world community grid here. After you join run the program and complete the required number of work units. Usually you won't have to run the program for more than a day or two. As soon as you join the team reply to the tweet with your team name. I will usually limit the number of participants to 5-10 people although sometimes I might go higher than that. After all the participants complete their minimum number of work units I will do a drawing using rafflecopter or a similar program. I will send the packs to the name drawn as long as you have followed the rules below. Please continue to run the program after you have completed the minimum requirement as this is used for disease research.

Please read the current rules for this contest, they may change with each new contest

Participants: Limited to 5 twitter users
Location: U.S residents only (I will not ship outside the 50 U.S states)
Completion: 10 work units
Bonus: If you win the drawing and have over 100 completed you will get a 4th pack
Frequently asked questions and rules.

This contest will be run many times over with the same prize but the rules may be changed. Below you will find links to twitter images or YouTube/Facebook videos people have made showing off their prize or doing breaks of them. Be sure to do this when you win as this is a great way to get extra traffic to your favorite social media pages as I will link this post to my tweet every time I relaunch a contest.

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