Sunday, August 24, 2014

Has World Community Grid Found The Cure For The Most Common Type Of Childhood Cancer?

This was an update post that was added to the news section of world community grid the site back in early July. It's mostly about Dr. Nakagawara's new position as CEO of Saga Medical Center. However if you read the third paragraph you will see that as a result of the hard work put forward in the help fight childhood cancer project we may now have a cure for neuroblastoma which is the most common type of childhood cancer. Because of all the home users running the grid program there are several new drug candidates in the pipeline now. These have been shown to kill cancer cells in lab testing with no apparent side effects.

From my reading this article and others the researchers involved seem to be very excited with the results they have been getting. Now they have to move to trials to see if these can work with human candidates. This research has been so successful that world community grid is starting a help fight childhood cancer phase II project that will focus on another form of childhood cancer. I don't know what they are planning on focusing on but I am looking forward to supporting it.

I really hope that they get a new miracle drug from this research. If they do, not only will it save many children's lives it will also be a huge media promotion for programs like world community grid and folding@home. Hopefully it will convince many people to start running the software on their computers so we can find cures for many other diseases. Right now there are only about 500k people using this program worldwide, most of them are not even actively running it. Can you imagine the research that we could get done if this number jumped into the millions?

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