Sunday, August 31, 2014

Win Three Packs Of 2014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Cards While Helping Find A Cure For Cancer

Up For grabs are three packs of 2014 bowman platinum baseball cards pictured above. To see if you can qualify to win these just scroll down to the contest rules listed just above the embedded tweet announcing this contest. If you meet the qualifications and want a chance at winning them just download the world community grid program here. Then join team endthedisease. You can learn more about world community grid here. After you join run the program and complete the required number of work units. Usually you won't have to run the program for more than a day or two. As soon as you join the team reply to the tweet with your team name. I will usually limit the number of participants to 5-10 people although sometimes I might go higher than that. After all the participants complete their minimum number of work units I will do a drawing using rafflecopter or a similar program. I will send the packs to the name drawn as long as you have followed the rules below. Please continue to run the program after you have completed the minimum requirement as this is used for disease research.

Please read the current rules for this contest, they may change with each new contest

Participants: Limited to 5 twitter users
Location: U.S residents only (I will not ship outside the 50 U.S states)
Completion: 10 work units
Bonus: If you win the drawing and have over 100 completed you will get a 4th pack
Frequently asked questions and rules.

This contest will be run many times over with the same prize but the rules may be changed. Below you will find links to twitter images or YouTube/Facebook videos people have made showing off their prize or doing breaks of them. Be sure to do this when you win as this is a great way to get extra traffic to your favorite social media pages as I will link this post to my tweet every time I relaunch a contest.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Has World Community Grid Found The Cure For The Most Common Type Of Childhood Cancer?

This was an update post that was added to the news section of world community grid the site back in early July. It's mostly about Dr. Nakagawara's new position as CEO of Saga Medical Center. However if you read the third paragraph you will see that as a result of the hard work put forward in the help fight childhood cancer project we may now have a cure for neuroblastoma which is the most common type of childhood cancer. Because of all the home users running the grid program there are several new drug candidates in the pipeline now. These have been shown to kill cancer cells in lab testing with no apparent side effects.

From my reading this article and others the researchers involved seem to be very excited with the results they have been getting. Now they have to move to trials to see if these can work with human candidates. This research has been so successful that world community grid is starting a help fight childhood cancer phase II project that will focus on another form of childhood cancer. I don't know what they are planning on focusing on but I am looking forward to supporting it.

I really hope that they get a new miracle drug from this research. If they do, not only will it save many children's lives it will also be a huge media promotion for programs like world community grid and folding@home. Hopefully it will convince many people to start running the software on their computers so we can find cures for many other diseases. Right now there are only about 500k people using this program worldwide, most of them are not even actively running it. Can you imagine the research that we could get done if this number jumped into the millions?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Statistics For The Endthedisease Social Media Project For July 2014

In an effort to increase participation from my blog followers and to keep everyone in the loop as to how we are building our brand up on social media I have decided to make a monthly post that will show how we are trying to grow. This will also be a great way for me to reach out to you guys for help as time goes by. These charts are statistics from all the major blogs and social sites I use to build traffic. In theory the more traffic, like and shares I can get the more people I can get to sign up for world community grid and folding@home and the more research we can complete that will lead to cures and better medicine for disease like cancer and HIV. I will make a statistics post like this every month but it will be done somewhere between the 1st and 3rd of every month because of work schedules and real life issues I have to attend to.

Endthedisease Blog
First we have the most important blog of all which is the one you are reading this post on. This blog is where all contests for prizes will be held, it's where I talk about world community grid and folding@home research projects. It's the place where I blog about cancer and disease from a scientific perspective and where I tell stories about other peoples battles with it and other disease. Basically this blog brings all my social media sites and other blogs together. As you can see this blog has been live for many years but I really haven't used it much until last month. I only received 314 page views in July but this month you should see a much bigger jump in traffic if everything works out the way I plan. Defiantly share any post on this blog that you think fits with your audience. I'd rather you share something you see here before you share anything else across my network.

The second most important part of my social media empire, at least for the time being. We are giving away sports memorabilia and sealed packs of collectible cards like football, baseball and basketball cards as well as a large selection of magic the gathering cards. Some of the post here might seem kind of spammy but it is crucial that I seek out as much search engine traffic as possible with this blog. Share anything you see fit to share with your friends and keep watching this blog for new developments and announcements of future contests. Last month we got up to 2,725 page views but I'm not sure if we will get this high in August. If Google starts sending me search engine traffic to this blog that will be a different story. I really need incoming links to both these blogs. Anyone want to throw me some free linkbacks?

My Facebook fan page is probably the most important of all my real social media sites. My best day last month was 128 likes but I also bought $20 worth of traffic that day because I had a little money left in my PayPal account. I expect to work much harder on it this month but I won't be spending anymore money. When you like, share or comment on any of my posts it really helps to create traffic for the project. I post about anything from posts related to disease research to stories about real people dealing with their illnesses. I also use this page to post links back to my blogs which helps to create more traffic flow. Contests will be run through my blogs but the actual interactions will occur on my Facebook page so stay in touch there.

Twitter is probably the second most important social media platform I use. I don't really use it as much as I should and in the past I wouldn't even do one tweet per day but as I move forward with this project I will have to start using it a lot more. In fact it is probably the best way to spread the word about projects like world community grid and get more people into the research projects. By increasing my presence on twitter and by gaining more influential followers I increse my chances of being able to reach out to celebrities and professional athletes. If I can get some of these people to retweet and favorite my tweets I can really get things moving in the right direction. I have found a great stats website that allows me to track just about everything I do with twitter. I will not be trying to tweet hundreds of tweets a month but I am trying to increase my percentage of retweets and favorites. You can expect these scores to go up significantly this month.

Although I do use my Google plus account to push my disease research project and to discuss issues relate to it I also post a lot of personal things here. I tend to watch a lot of youtube videos and post comments on ones I find interesting. I almost never post a comment unless I feel it is worth sharing it on my Google+ page. If you decide to interact with me here you have to realize that I have my own personal and political views and you might not always agree with what I have to say. I also comment on friends videos and that can sometimes generate a lot of replies and pluses on my Google Plus page. 

My YouTube account is not really a big part of my projects right now but in the future I might start hosting some contests there. You might want to sub my channel in case I decide to work on something more in the future.

I use empire avenue almost everyday to build up traffic to my social media sites and blogs. It's a great way for you to help me grow what I'm trying to do. It's basically a stock market game but the stocks you buy are of real people that have their own little social media empires. When you buy stocks in a player they get what the game calls eaves. This is a virtual currency that can be spent to get other players to do you favors like liking you Facebook posts or subbing your youtube channel. This might seem like a bot scam waiting to happen but I have been using this site for years and I know that the majority of players here are reall and they are looking for social interactions with other users. I have had many of these people donate money to gofundme projects in the past so there is a real benefit here. Sign up through this link and buy as many shares in ETD as you can.

I have my Klout page towards the bottom of this post but it really should be closer to the top. Klout is a great social media tool to increase your followers across all your social media platforms. It's also a great way to get the attention of people in high places. If you want to rub elbows with the social media elite you really should be using klout. There are many major celebrities and corporate brands on this site. The website uses a plus system like Google plus but you can only give out 5 of these a day. You can however ask your friends to give you pluses every day. It's a big popularity contest and the more pluses you get the more chance you have of being heard online. As your score goes up you get into higher brackets and start getting recognized by those higher in the system. Klout also looks at the activity of you twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts to determine your total score. I have found that the more klout pluses I get the more twitter mentions I get from this site which has an accumulative affect on your score as a whole.

This is the last statistics pic I will add to this post but this is actually the most important thing since it is the whole reason for me running these blogs and all my social media sites. I'm trying to get more people to join my world community grid and folding@home teams. Right now the latter is not active and since world community grid already has a much larger user base I have decided to concentrate on bring new members here, plus it seems to me that their childhood cancer research project is the closest to finding a cure for the most common form of children's cancer. I look at our point ranking before I look at anything else. The more points our team completes the more research data we have completed. This makes our point rank go down which means we are beating other teams. If were ranked number one by points we would be beating IBM super computers and some huge corporations that support this research by running the program on every computer in their businesses and offices, obviously that will never happen but I do believe that one day we could be in the top 100-200 teams. Currently we rank under 700 which is almost in the top two percent out of over 30k teams. I hope next month that we can at least hold this position. Once I start doing contests for prizes these numbers will drop even lower as people compete for prizes and gift cards. Pleas run the program and join my team as soon as you can.