How Points Are Calculated

World Community Grid uses a point system to help users keep track of how much work their computer has done. Points are given out based on the size of the piece of data your computer works on. If it's a large chunk of information you may get a large number of points. Points are directly proportional to data size, this way everyone can look at their point totals and see where they stand in comparison to other members on their team.

Here you can see the point totals of the current top ranking members of team Endthedisease. You will be able to see these stats in detail as they are updated each day as soon as you become a member of my team.
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Having this point system allows me to see how much actual work each of my team members has done. This allows me to look at the rank of each member and reward those that have crunched the largest amount of data. Sometimes I give away cash and in these cases each point becomes worth a specific dollar amount. Lets say we have a one month contest where the prize is a hundred dollars. We run it for thirty days and when it's over I look at the team member point totals. Lets say team member one has 70,000 points, team member two has 50,000 points and team member three has 20,000 points. I now need to add these all together to get 140,000 points. I divide $100 by the 140k points to find out how much one point is worth. I then take that number and multiply it by each individual point total. This tells me that the team member with 70k points gets fifty dollars and the team member with 50k points gets a little over thirty-five dollars and so on. As you can see winning becomes a matter of who has the biggest CPU and the most processing power. If you can get access to multiple computers you can really rack up the points by downloading the program to each system.

In most cases I would rather give away prizes through my youtube channel. The principle of rewarding people for earning points is the same though. These contests will be run each month and you can see full contest rules here.