Sunday, September 28, 2014

Get Magic The Gathering Or Football Cards While Helping Find A Cure For Cancer

This is the easiest way for you to participate in my disease research project while getting a nice reward for your work. There is no drawing here. If you do the work and follow a few simple rules you will get to pick one of the prizes above and I will ship it to you and cover the postage as long as you live in one of the 50 U.S states. In addition I will roll a 6 sided die on camera if I roll a 3 you get a $10 walmart gift card. If I roll a 4 you will still get the same gift card but you will also get to pick two prizes above instead of just one. Remember we are all running this to do scientific research that could lead to new drugs that could help treat cancer in both adults and children. This is just a way for me to give you a nice little price for your good work. If you are invited to join this project you will need to download the world community grid program here. Then join team endthedisease. You can learn more about world community grid here. Once you complete the required amount of work units listed in the rules below I will send you a private message through twitter to get your mailing address.

This contest is invite only but if you have a twitter account with just a little bit of activity ( retweets and replies to your own tweets) you can reply to the tweet below and most likely I will let you in. For the most part I will be sending out invites through my main account @endthedisease or most likely from my other account @Iametd

Please read the current rules for this giveaway, they may change in the future.

Participants: Invite Only (If you want an invite reply to my tweet below)
Location: U.S residents only (I will not ship outside the 50 U.S states)
Completion: 30 work units (This might go up in the future so take this offer now)
Bonus: Complete another 20 work units for a total of 50 and I'll send you 1 extra pack of my choosing but you can decide on a magic the gathering pack or football.

I have enough cards to run this giveaway many times over. I'm making it invite only to prevent to much cheating by people using multiple twitter accounts. Even after you participate in this I may allow you to participate in other giveaways and contests. Keep following this blog for future announcements.

After you receive your prize I hope you will at least post a pic on your twitter account and mention that you got them from @endthedisease. If you really want to do something nice you can open your packs on youtube and link back to my twitter account and tell people how you won, of course you don't have to open the packs if you'd rather sell them. I will have a page on this blog where I post links to twitter posts and youtube videos of people that have received my prizes.