Twitter Contest Rules And Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Participate?
In addition to winning great prizes you are also helping complete scientific research that could lead to cures for many disease. I also tweet to my contestants and winners, you'll get extra views and followers from me. If you continue to run the program after a contest ends you are more likely to be invited to future private contests. Some of these will have much more valuable prizes.

Who Can Participate In These Contests?
Anyone with a twitter account that is willing to run world community grid. You must reply to my twitter post with the username you use on my world community grid team then start running the program. The first people that reply with their usernames will be the ones I count as contestants. So if I say 5 replies then it's the first 5, if I say 20 it's the first 20. You must read the qualification rules though. Sometimes I will limit contestants to a particular state or city. In these cases I will only ship to these states or cities. Sometimes contest will be invite only but I will use the hashtag #inviteonly when I am doing these. There may also be other rules like having a minimum amount of followers.

Can I Participate In More Than One Contest At A Time? 
Yes, unless I have special rules in place. however your work units from one contest will not count towards another. So if one contest requires 50 work units for an entry and the other requires 10 you must complete 60 work units during that contest period. No need to sign up with multiple usernames you can keep using the same one. I keep track of my team members and their online social media profiles.

How Long Do I Have To Complete My Work Units?
Generally after we have all our contestants together you will have two or three weeks to complete your work units but most people can do 10-20 in one day. If all contestants have completed their work units and their bonus units I will do the drawing early and send out the prize asap.

What Prizes Can I Win?
I give away different items depending on what I have but I plan on giving away selead packs of various sports cards, gift cards and gift card codes. Silver and gold coins and makeup kits are other items I plan on using as prizes in the future.

What Are Bonus Prizes?
Usually there is a minimum amount of work units you must complete to get your contest entry. There will sometimes be a bonus for getting more work units done. In these cases you must get the bonus amount completed before a contest is ended, usually you will have plenty of time to do this. If you complete the bonus units before the day of the drawing and your name is pulled you will get the bonus prize, you cannot do the bonus units after your name is drawn and try to get the bonus from me. If you have a slow computer you can sign up additional computers and login with your username on those computers so all those work units will be completed by the same account, just remember to delete your cookies when are not using your own computer.

How Does Shipping Work, Will I have To Pay For It?
I pay all shipping costs, usually I ship first class but with plenty of care and all items will be well packed to prevent any damage. I will only ship to the areas I specify in my contest rules. If I say a contest is USA only don't expect me to ship to India or Germany. I won't do that even if you offer to pay the costs. Part of the reason I limit my contests to specific countries or cities is that I only want participants from those places.

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